Agents and Brokers can rely on Red Rock as a partner of choice for sourcing unique products and services. We work with lenders throughout the country to help them substantially increase fee income, attract new customers, reduce expense, create efficiencies, enhance customer retention, and effectively manage the uninsured risk of their automobile, commercial and real estate portfolios through the use of insurance products, consulting and outsourced services.

Utilizing our industry expertise, we offer guidance and cost effective solutions that will build a stronger relationship between you and your client. In addition to enhancing your business relationship with your financial institution clients, these solutions produce a substantial amount of additional commission revenue to you or your agency’s bottom line. We represent the top insurance companies and service providers in the country and our experienced team of advisers is ready to help.

Due to the current market conditions, increasing and finding new ways to produce fee income and reducing expenses and credit losses has become a primary focus for all lenders. We are able to help lenders find new areas of opportunity in this arena. Please review
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