Home equity loan default program (100%LTV)

Equity Protection Program (EPP)

Do you want to increase home equity loan volume without increasing the risk of default? The EPP provides Lenders with a competitive, easily managed program designed to increase loan production and provide an additional source of income while minimizing risk. We work with an admitted carrier with an AM Best “A” rating and help you establish the credit underwriting criteria for the program. In the event of a default, no foreclosure is required in order to file a claim. Loan types include – Home Improvement Loans, Closed-End Seconds and HELOCs, and Purchase-Money Seconds. Other highlights include: LTV thresholds up to 100%, Balance sheet protection, and No direct cost to your entity.

Consumer Loan Profit Enhancement Program

Extended Warranty Program

Our program is only available through the best warranty administrator in the United States. A lender will choose to provide this service to their customers as a competitive edge. The lender designed Warranty is significantly less expensive, easier to administer and more robust than warranties offered by auto dealers. This program offers an excellent source of fee income for the lender and the efficient and reliable claims service helps protect the lender’s collateral from default.

Guaranteed Auto Protection

GAP helps borrowers avoid financial loss in the event their vehicle is totaled or stolen. Since insurance settlements are based on the car’s actual cash value, they are often less than the loan balance. This creates a deficiency balance or a “gap” that could jeopardize repayment. GAP pays the covered deficiency balance, preventing the borrower and lender from a possible loan loss. Borrowers are more aware than ever that their vehicles actual cash value is often much less than what is owed to the lender. It’s an easy program to offer and provides your client with peace of mind.

Credit Life & Disability Insurance

Our programs are designed to protect the family, creditor, estate & credit rating of the borrower in the event of disability or loss of life.

Client Testimonials

Red Rock has helped our insurance agency generate substantial commission income by working with us to market new and innovative products and services to our financial institution clients. Red Rock’s professional and knowledgeable approach, along with the quality of their programs has greatly enhanced our business relationship with these financial institution clients.”


“We formed a strategic alliance with Red Rock for the purpose of implementing a risk management solution for the uninsured collateral in our automobile, commercial and real estate portfolios. Our goal was to implement a unified and efficient program throughout our organization. The key to the success of implementing this program in our financial institution had to do less with the program itself, and more to do with Red Rock’s ability to utilize, structure and deploy the program effectively for maximum advantage.”

Regional Bank

“The programs that Red Rock implemented at our financial institution have made an immediate impact through increased fee income, enhanced efficiency and reduced credit losses. We have also been able to dramatically improve our branch operational efficiencies by outsourcing the insurance tracking process. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Red Rock to other lending institutions that are in the market for these products.”

Finance Company

Red Rock’s professional and knowledgeable approach, along with thequality of their programs has greatly enhanced our business relationshipwith these financial institution clients.

Independent Insurance Agency